Nature Worship & Telluric Spiritualism ~ The Elusive Dark Energy & The Singular Haunting Revealment ~ The Abyss Within

Anti-Humanitarianism ~ Bloodletting Of Completion & Root ~ Rural Isolationism ~ Socioreligious Intolerance


'Blackmore Isolationist' cassette EP (Ancient Trail MMXVI)

'An Auroral Gathering of Skulls' compilation CD (Schattenkult Prod MMXVI)

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Instinct 'Blood Bone Soil' shirts now available here:




Obscure Lupine Quietus / Instinct split CD (Schattenkult Prod) Recording in progress.

Exclusive works from both artists. Instinct will present the tracks...

'AAGOS II - Raptors Signal Descent' & 'Extolment of the Trisphere Nexus'.


Harrowing Slumber debut full-length CD 'Sleepwalking the Path of Ea' (Ancient Trail)

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Late MMXVII: Instinct - 'The Black Wound' full-length reissue (Ancient Trail)

Glass-mastered digipack CD. Limited to two hundred copies.

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Composition & recording

acoustic drums & percussion

electric & acoustic guitars

voice ~ words ~ atmospherics ~ visuals ~ blood