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The Rural Locale...

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I N S T I N C T - S E C O N D C Y C L E: M M X V I I I O N W A R D




Evolution and refocusing of the essence, sonic accompaniment of a new form for the personal, evolving path walked - the Dark Rural Ethos, as dictated by the resolute obsession with The Dark Energy since the haunting revealment experienced in MMIX and the conducive, isolated, tumuli strewn, rural locale of Southern Wiltshire.





The sun wheel; attributed to the telluric seasons and the cyclic law governing death and rebirth combined with the Iwaz rune, symbolizing the tree of life, change and the entropic heart of Nature's destruction and creation, merged with opposing arms both internal (consciousness, earthly, elemental and as above) and external (cosmic, multiversal / dimensional), illustrating the presence of The Dark Energy, while the 'mouth' and 'tail' of the extremities invoke the self-devouring serpent and the reconnection to cyclicism and singularity, albeit all as a modest, personal human visual representation.




A Clarification of Parallel Paths...

~In Avoiding Unfounded, Undeserved (on my part) Associations~


With respect and support for the ONA, TBO and the true Adepts who follow the 7FW and other chosen paths of magick, insight and apprehension, it must be stated that while definite though circumscribed parallels exist with regard to the fundamental principles and beliefs (the acceptance and extolment of the acausal - foremost in the Myattian tradition and thus, the resultant perception concerning the nature of reality as a prime example) and terminology (to a limited, appropriate extent) between the aforementioned and my own (which have been stated and explored to varying degrees, and not without change, within interviews over the years), I make no claims of Adeptship or 'membership'.




I conclude that this prefatory statement is necessary, regardless of how irrelevant it might be to most who may simply require 'music' to entertain themselves with and I urge those with such a mentality to go elsewhere. While Instinct has always conveyed a true reflection of my personal ethos and lifestyle, the IInd Cycle will take this expression further with a conscious distancing from the bloated, spurious 'black metal' genre and its expressive limitations.





A Sequestered, Individual Path - Four Heavily Curtailed Principles...




A rejection of social ideations built on monotheist morals and economic/materialist interest, thrust into the centre of modern Western consciousness by ‘democracy’ and its many channels of manipulation and thus, enmity towards modern nationalism with its inherent defence of nation-state 'traditions' established throughout recent history and the identity structure of ‘left Vs right' politics with those identifying as either being willing participants of a system strengthening division, pushing further the pan-European into a state of spiritual desolation, unnatural urban squalor and enforced multicultural subordination.




While supporting natural hunting for food and furs, conducted with respect, skill and genuine need, there is nothing but disgust for the large scale farming/meat industry, modern Christian-conservative agricultural society with its abuse of non-human animals; fox ‘hunting’ and ‘game' shooting as two vile examples of its ‘traditions', and those on therural fringes participating in repugnant activities such as hare coursing. In this rejection and disgust of these accepted social behaviours, structures and dogmas - besides many other rampant forms of hubris; unfounded arrogance, misogyny and the abuse and exploitation of non-human animals for the purposes of mundane 'sport' and 'entertainment' for example, conjointly with the intrinsic exaltation of the ‘hidden’ Energy, the Ethos is by its nature, dark and entirely at odds with the current sociopolitical/religious, pro-urban direction of the West.




The iconoclastic ritual formation, extolment and practical fulfilling of a deeply personal triune of symbolism; individually born of the ancient pan-European traditions and mythos of personal honour, communal survival and the singular direction of an empathic people and culture in natural synergy with the land and movements of the solar system, consequently, each a contemporary abhorrence to all who follow, consciously or unconsciously, the Nazarene doctrine, the three coalesced and energized for this vulgar era; an illuminating cynosure for the psyche and beyond.




Only within solitary, luxuriant nature and through adversity and transformation (past, present and future) of the mind and body can the Ethos be lived. Wild birth, visceral death, elemental exposure, the warm rays of brilliant last light emanating through the trees on a Summer dusk, the frost laden, bitter windswept chalk downs of Winter, a barrow cemetery veiled in a silent early dawn mist, the glades and woodland in total darkness - the telluric-cosmic bond acknowledged with constellational, planetary revealment, the calls, movement and being of fauna, the seasonal scents of flora, the stench of decomposition, the cyclic fall and rise of life, the rare inexpressible, nameless moments... Here the senses are quickened, instincts emerge, the consciousness altered, here the self is

tested, here The Dark, Acausal Energy is manifest.


The spiritual genesis of the path was formed in MMIX amidst dismal grief, ecstatic treachery of the heart and the abstruse, assiduously terrifying physical manifestation of something Other.


Both of these brief summas should serve as an insight into the evolving spiritual and long standing ethical framework in which this secluded life is lived ( to the best of one's fallible abilities) while adding further context to its direct artistic expression.


.V. - Autumn MMXVII - Winter MMXVIII

The spoken / written statement accompanying ‘Conceit, Sapience & Execration’ from the MMXVI Blackmore

Isolationist EP explores, albeit in vitriolic fashion, other tenets of the Ethos.

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Full-length album 'Canticles for the Dark Energy' in production, to be released mid/late MMXIX, marking the complete spiritual, sensory, audibly creative and thematic initiation into Instinct's IInd Cycle.

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I N S T I N C T - 'Manifesting the Dark Rural Ethos' full-length album releases Summer/Autumn MMXVIII via Schattenkult Produktionen and will mark the completion of Instinct's first cycle: MMV - MMXVIII.


.V. - Wiltshire, England MMXVIII