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ATR-D002 - INSTINCT - 'Autumn Dusk' Download 2018

ATR-DOO1 - INSTINCT - 'MMV - MMXVI' Compilation Download 2017

ATR010 - HARROWING SLUMBER  - 'Sleepwalking the Path of Ea'  Full-length CD 2017

ATR009(7) - INSTINCT - 'Blackmore Isolationist' cassette EP 2016

ATR008 -  INSTINCT - 'The Black Wound'  Full-length CD 2012

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ATR006 -  INSTINCT - 'The Cold Return'  Cassette Demo 2009 SOLD OUT

ATR005 -  SPHERIC OBSCURIUM - 'I'  Full-length CD-R 2009 SOLD OUT

ATR004 -  INSTINCT - 'Abandoned'  CD-R EP 2009 SOLD OUT

ATR003 -  INSTINCT - 'Demo Two'  Cassette 2007 SOLD OUT

ATR002 -  BURIAL MOUND - 'Dark Towers Demo'  Cassette 2006  SOLD OUT

ATR001 -  INSTINCT - 'Demo One'  Cassette 2005  SOLD OUT


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Harrowing Slumber - Sleepwalking the Path of Ea digipak glass-mastered full-length CD  available now.

Released Ist August MMXVII via Ancient Trail. Limited to two hundred copies, one hundred with woven patch.

Eremitic Night Music from rural South Wiltshire, England...

For the black hypnagogic fire, the corporeal chaos and beauty of earth and the elements, the rural scape and nocturnal fauna of the Vale & Chase,

the secluded night and its astral revealment. For the inexorable return to soil and air of all through the will of cyclic law. For modern mankind and its

weak monotheist delusions of ascension. For Ea; symbol of the telluric nexus buried deep within the slumbering European consciousness.

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Also available (without patch) from:

Todestrieb Records (UK)

Cold Spring (UK)

Aesthetic Death (UK)

Paragon Records (USA)